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Easy Compadre! 

Video Production  |  Branding  |  Web Design  |  Photography 

Easy Compadre!: Shaping Austin's Musical Soul

Based in the vibrant music hub of Austin, Texas, Easy Compadre! is more than just a band—it's a soulful, musical experience that captures the essence of the city's dynamic music scene. With roots in cumbia, electronic dance, disco, synth-pop, and psychedelic rock, they bring a unique sound that resonates with audiences everywhere.


Our Harmonious Collaboration:

At MPM, we worked closely with Easy Compadre! to establish their distinctive style. Our collaborative journey included video production, capturing their electrifying performances, as well as taking live photos, creating event posters, and engaging social media content.

Explore our portfolio to immerse yourself in the world of Easy Compadre! and experience the dynamic fusion of sound and visuals that we've crafted together. 

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