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Craftsman, artist, naturalist

Hank Waddell knows the gifts that trees provide to us. They supply us with shade, fruit, shelter, and life-giving oxygen. But they also bestow upon us many gifts—serenity, comfort, connection—qualities that impart meaning to our lives and make our beings more human. Through his work, Waddell seeks to provide these fallen trees one more opportunity to give and also to arouse in viewers a sense of gratitude for the trees that have given us so much.


Our role

We undertook a thorough redesign of Hank's brand identity, beginning with the logo. Inspired by the dynamic movement in Waddell’s sculptures, tree bark, and his initials, the new logo embodies the essence of Hank's vision. We also worked on a full website redesign, creating a digital space that mirrors the skills and finesse found in Waddell's pieces. To ensure consistency across all visual communications, we developed a style guide, which includes specifications for the logo, typography, and imagery. We also curated a photo library, showcasing Waddell’s work, and designed a suite of stationery that reflects the aesthetic of Hank's creations. Together, these elements create a brand experience that honors the legacy of the trees and the craftsmanship of Hank's work.


Hank Waddell

Artisan woodworking and sculpture

Brand Identity
Web Design

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